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Mount Sinai CV Starr Hand & Extremities

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Creating inspiring healthcare facilities with efficiency in mind.

TPG was awarded the opportunity to create a new design for the Mount Sinai CV Starr Hand and Extremities department, located on the West Campus at 425 West 59th Street. This was a renovation of an existing suite of about 4,500 SF, and included all new finishes, flooring, ceiling, and lighting.

The reception area exudes a calming, hospitality atmosphere and can accommodate up to 16 guests at a time. Past the main area, there are several MD offices and admin stations, private examination rooms, and other back-of-house spaces. Additionally, a new X-ray room was designed and planned in conjuncture with a Mount Sinai X-ray equipment vendor to ensure the space could accommodate the necessary technology. Down the hall, there is a staff pantry and with lockers available for employees to use.

Additionally, TPG’s Branding and Graphics Studio worked with Mount Sinai to create thoughtful installations that reflect the work of the Hand and Extremities department. Using illustrations created by Dr. J. William Littler, a well-known specialist in the field of hand surgery, the team made scans of his original medical drawings of hands, tendons, and surgical procedures that are displayed throughout the department. Guests arriving off the elevator bank will immediately see silhouetted graphics of Dr. Littler’s drawings on the glass panels of the entry doors. Within the reception, there are a series of large-scale mounted artworks printed on clear acrylic. Also, along the exam room corridor, more illustrations are printed on the wallpaper which brings energy, movement, and texture to the space.

Services Provided

  • Branding & Graphics
  • Interior Design
  • Hand & Extremities
  • X-ray Suites
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