El Palacio de Hierro - Villahermosa

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Each of the 32 discrete shopping departments has its own unique design drawing inspiration from the region and incorporating locally-sourced, tropical materials.

Location Villahermosa, Mexico
Size 215,000 SF
Year 2012

TPG designed this 215,000 square foot store in Villahermosa for El Palacio De Hierro, a luxury department store that is known for its immersive and service-oriented shopping experience.

As is the tradition in all of El Palacio De Hierro’s stores, the designs are inspired by the geography or the region in which the store is located. In the case of Villahermosa, materials respond to and reflect the store’s tropical locale, and include marble, porcelain tile, bleached woods, and glass. 32 unique retail environments, each designed with its own concept and centerpiece, are situated around a center atrium which opens to a modern dome-shaped skylight.

Working in collaboration with Palacio’s in-house team, TPG created a luxurious retail environment that is unique to Villahermosa, but maintains continuity with the store’s vision and message.

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