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Suzette Subance Ferrier Participates in Contract Magazine Webinar

TPG Activity | 04.02.2020

"Design & Disruption: The Industry Responds to COVID-19" hosted by Contract Magazine, was a webinar that brought together participants from the architecture and real estate industries, including TPG's Suzette Subance Ferrier. The discussion centered around the coronavirus's impact on companies transitioning to remote work policies, the future of design across all sectors, and how this experience is humanizing us all. During the virtual discussion, Suzette gave her own presentation on what she believes are the main factors that will influence the workplace post-COVID-19. Below, we're sharing a graphic that illustrates these main considerations. "Pre-COVID-19 we relied heavily on the space to create the individual culture you find in each workplace. Now we're asking ourselves, 'How can we enforce culture and support people across a distributed workforce?' Empowering our staff and finding ways for them to gain ownership will be critical both now and as we return to our physical offices." - Suzette Subance Ferrier, Managing Executive, Studio Creative Director

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