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TPG Attends the IIDA Sustainable Quilt Auction

TPG Activity | 09.19.2019

TPG unveiled this year’s handmade quilt at the 11th Annual IIDA Sustainable Quilt Auction. After months of long work, and over 350 hours of effort put in, the quilt graced the walls of the Steelcase showroom where the event took place. Our quilt entitled “Points of View” merges the ideas of movement and change within the overall theme of unity. Through a lenticular “fin” construction, a traditional infinity quilt pattern arises from a tonal, pixelated background. The viewer must encircle the quilt to discover the different “Points of View” that converge to form a universal symbol. All of the proceeds raised during the auction benefit FreeArts NYC, a non-profit organization that empowers underserved youth through arts and mentoring programs to develop their creativity, confidence, and skills to succeed.

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