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El Palacio de Hierro - Santa Fe

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This high-end department store exemplifies the brand’s overall commitment to wellness.

Recognitions Retail Design Institute Awards: Department Store Dining and Wellness 2019, Shop! Awards: Dining, Gourmet and Home: Gold Award 2019, Shop! Awards: Wellness Floor: Silver Award 2019

TPG continued its ongoing relationship with El Palacio de Hierro with the expansion and renovation of the luxury department store’s location in the Mexico City business district, Santa Fe. TPG worked to realize this longtime client’s vision of a luxurious 380,000 square foot retail environment, which included the expansion of the original 4-story store into a 5-floor luxury shopping and dining destination.

The Santa Fe location combines the experiential and hospitable trends of retail through the overarching concept of Wellness. Each Palacio store has its own unique personality and theme, and Wellness is the definitive design driver for the Santa Fe store. TPG’s design concept reinforces the El Palacio’s dedication to living well, eating well, and improving the quality of life. Guests are first introduced to the Wellness story through healthy food in a casual park-like café setting dedicated to artisanal and organic cuisines. The level also features a restaurant, beauty salon, spa, and members-only gym. Fitness activewear and athleisure brands populate the open sales floor of the cellar level, with a dynamic athletic footwear department, called “Sneakermania,” anchoring the center atrium space. The top 4th floor also features a large dining terrace with a curated collection of local, gourmet Mexican food brands, bringing the Wellness story full-circle. The cellar and top floor were completed in spring 2018.

Services Provided:

  • Interior Design
  • Architectural Services
  • Retail Strategy
  • Programming
  • Planning
  • Concept Design
  • Fixture Design
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