How one successful healthcare project leads to a lasting relationship.

Since 2015, TPG has been developing its ongoing relationship with the Mount Sinai Health System on a number of projects. Our relationship with Mount Sinai began when the client requested architectural services for their Orthopedic Center and lobby space at the Brodsky Building at their Mount Sinai West facility, located at 425 West 59th Street. Upon identifying deficiencies with their existing space, and developing conceptual designs and sketch-ups, our healthcare team was awarded the opportunity to redesign the 5th-floor Orthopedic Center. This orthopedic project provides a comprehensive outpatient facility including dedicated medical staff offices that are immediately adjacent to a 17-room exam suite with self-contained radiographic capabilities internally located in the center of the exam suite. The project also included renovations to the main lobby and building courtyard to provide the hospital with more patient amenities.

The successful completion of the 5th floor Orthopedic Center helped to foster our relationship with the healthcare system and led to additional projects. Mount Sinai now uses the 5th floor as a touring area and model for the rest of the 10-story building. Following this project, the client wanted to replicate the look and feel of the 5th floor to redesign their 7th floor, home to their vascular, colorectal, and laser vein treatment units. Our firm is currently completing a 4,500 square-foot renovation for a new Fetal Examination Unit on the 4th floor of the same building. Similarly, we are working on renovating their elevator lobbies and corridors on a number of floors of the Brodsky Building. Our firm has also completed various renovation projects for the client across the city. In addition to providing exceptional design and service, TPG has been able to maintain an ongoing relationship with Mount Sinai due to our ability to complete projects under an aggressive schedule and paying particular attention to ADA code compliance.

Healthcare Specialty Areas

  • Colorectal Surgery
  • Fetal Evaluation Unit
  • Genetics
  • Laser Vein Surgery
  • Orthopedics
  • Perinatal
  • Vascular Surgery
  • X-ray Suites
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