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TPG COVID-19 Return to Office Services

In an effort to stay one step ahead of the implications we have observed as a result of COVID-19, TPG has developed several strategies and services to consider for reacclimating to public areas and the built environment. Outlined below, these useful documents illustrate methods to safely navigate the return to the workplace, directed especially towards the ownership level for both individual companies and landlords. From pre-design strategies to coherent wayfinding tactics, we hope that you take these considerations into account. Do not hesitate to reach out to our firm for any specific, tailored services your enterprise may need.

Workplace Services


As we plan the return back to the office, we’ve compiled an extensive checklist that covers all essential points to help reopen safely. The document breaks these items into three categories: Employee Protocols, Office Preparation & Protocols, and Communication.


TPG has identified two approaches to planning a future workplace with COVID-19 considerations and precautions in mind. Both of these methods, for flexible and fixed planning, meet the requirements for social distancing but achieve this through the use of different safeguards and strategies.


TPG has compiled a series of COVID-19 design interventions and test fits for clients with varying needs, operating constraints, and workplace environments. These include: occupancy plans for the existing workplace, social distancing plans for the future workplace, and design interventions for the pre-built workplace.


When you’re ready to open the door again and welcome back your staff, consider these essential points when using signage to communicate new workplace policies and social distancing strategies.

Workplace Strategy


These methods are available to keep your employees safe, engaged, and productive. The document outlines the programs, tools, and protocols that we feel every organization should consider in preparation for their return to the workplace.


This sample report on remote work experience illustrates current employee concerns and expectations.

Owner Developer Services


The building landlord or owner is the bridge for interaction between the public traffic and the building’s tenants. When building ownership is ready to reopen their properties and direct guests and tenants safely and logically, consider these essential points for communicating via signage and wayfinding.


TPG can create a video walk-through of your prebuild office 


TPG can create a video walk-through of your property


Workplace Services
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Owner Developer Services
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