TPG completes the New School at the Islamic Cultural Center in New York

Official inauguration event at ICCNY

TPG Marketing

In a celebratory event attended by international dignitaries and local officials, a new school building, designed by TPG Architecture (TPG), was inaugurated at the Islamic Cultural Center of New York (ICCNY). ICCNY is the largest and most important Islamic Institution in New York City, established in the 1960’s, serving the Muslim community of over 800,000 who live here.

TPG’s scope of work involved approximately 60,000 square feet and included the school interior, administrative offices within the adjoining Mosque and the exterior plaza. The school interior features classrooms, a computer lab, library, full high-school size basketball gymnasium, cafeteria and serving kitchen.

In a statement made at the event by Ambassador Abdullah Ahmad Al-Murad, “As this school opens its doors to the children of the Islamic community…one of the main objectives…is to instill the true principles of Islamic education in our children which are based on sharing, caring, fraternity and tolerance, so they will grow up to be good citizens.”