BGB Group is featured in Interior Design’s Best of Office Volume II

BGB is in the Media Category for the Office Architecture & Design II Book

Interior Design

The BGB Group is featured in the Media category of Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Office Architecture & Design II book. This fun and forward-thinking space includes neighborhood-style open work seating, a life size zebra, scratch and sniff wallpaper, a DJ Booth, beer on tap, and SoHo-themed conference rooms.

TPG worked closely with its in-house graphics team to create a personality in each conference room; it was the client’s idea to strongly theme the street name conference rooms because they feel that their location in SoHo is an integral part of the firm’s identity. Accordingly, Broome Street features a full size broom lamp; Prince Street has artwork featuring the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Prince William; Spring Street’s walls are covered in an oversized photo print of a vibrant spring landscape accompanied by Vitra chairs; Orchard Street walls are decorated in Flavorpaper bright yellow banana wallpaper; and Greene Street’s feature wall is a mosaic of 3” wooden squares cut from skateboards. Furnishings were also carefully chosen and include Tom Dixon pendants in the Bond room, a convertible conference table in the billiard room, and a garage door dividing the Down Town and Up Town board room.

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