TPG Employees Visit Syracuse to Meet With Current Students

Allison Stadnyck, Bette Samuel & Stacey Berman visited Syracuse to present & hold interviews.

TPG Marketing and Communications

Each year, TPG employees travel to their alma mater to speak to current students. This year, we had three TPG employees partake in interviews and presentations at Syracuse University.

TPG Project Architect Allison Stadnyck, RA, LEED AP, recently spoke and interviewed with students for potential summer internships and full time positions at Syracuse University’s School of Architecture. Connie Caldwell, the Director of Career Services, organizes these interviews between January and March, as they provide current students with the opportunity to gain experience. In total, over 80 Thesis students sent their resumes, while a total of 15 were interviewed at the end of the selection process. Each 30 minute interview provided both Undergraduate and Graduate students with the opportunity to learn more about TPG Architecture, showcase their portfolios and the chance to be hired.

Two more TPG employees, Account Executive Bette Samuel and Designer Stacey Berman also visited Syracuse University on March 30th, 2015. As part of the Environmental and Interior Design Department's program, employees from various architecture firms are invited to speak about their experience and company. This year, Bette and Stacey spoke about TPG Architecture. Although this was Bette’s third year speaking to current students, it was Stacey’s first opportunity to travel to the school and talk about TPG. In addition to a presentation on the firm, they interviewed 7 students, two juniors and 5 seniors for potential internship and full-time employment opportunities.