The New York Times Illustrates How TPG’s ESB Fitness Center Design Brings Hip New Energy

New 15,000 SF Fitness Center in the Empire State Building

New York Times

TPG was retained to help drive the Empire State Building’s new brand through the design of a new fitness center in the building. As Empire State Realty Trust started to reinvent the personality of this classic tower landmark, our team worked with the building’s owner to make sure all elements were featured in the new design. The 15,000 SF fitness center for the 10,000 people inhabiting the iconic Empire State Building, features a 1,500 SF Executive Gym, where CEO’s can work out privately with a trainer, and has stone showers and personal locker storage. Curved panel highlight the architectural details while the rest of the space keeps an open industrial feel with clean lines. The new space has a fresh look that will appeal to all markets.

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