TPG-Designed Space Proves Beneficial to New Tenant

Eveo Calls 1160 Battery Street New Home & HQ

TPG Marketing Department

Eveo, a digital healthcare marketing agency, envisioned a new headquarters that supported inspiration and collaboration, concepts fundamental to their success. With an open and efficient floor plan, 1160 Battery Street in San Francisco's Levi Plaza, space TPG had previously designed for a client, spoke to this growing agency.

TPG designed the space with the goal of providing an open and transparent environment to promote collaboration, offering employees a variety of spaces to work and meet. TPG’s Studio Design Director Larry Berger describes his team’s vision for the space, “The idea is that technology has allowed us more mobility, therefore no one is tethered to their desk and they should have the opportunity for multiple work settings, dependent on the task at hand.”

With new leadership in place and exciting opportunities on the horizon, Eveo realized the importance of establishing a sense of community in their environment to support such growth. Randey Arnold-Kraft, Director of Human Resources, discusses the success of their new space, “Eveo’s office space encourages a sense of community and creativity by offering an open, unobstructed view of our teams from the central breakout area…It is very common to find pods or groups of people congregating and engaging in animated discussion with laptops in hand, grouping up around the coffee bar or near the snack shop. We are pleased that our new space has allowed for an environment of a casual yet intense sense of partnership.”