Geek Chic Theme Highlighted in Interior Design Magazine

Design Aesthetic Coined w Our Client, 10gen

Interior Design - 100 Big Ideas

Many of our current corporate interiors projects are for media and digitally-based businesses. The fabric of the client leadership is more diverse than in the past, with computer engineers and software developers joining MBAs as presidents, CEOs, and senior managers. The question/idea is: how does “geek chic” translate into corporate interiors? And the answer is not what we would have predicted.

10gen is a great example of this new breed of client. In initial conversations with TPG's designers about 10gen's new office, the leadership team at the company, the leading open source NoSQL database, stressed that how the office works is paramount to how it looks. Lighting, acoustics and ergonomics trump aesthetics. Employees will have height-adjustable desks, so they may sit/stand with a touch of a button.

Filtered, fresh air and air quality matter a lot. TPG is exploring green walls and ways to bring life into the space. 10gen asked TPG to create healthy environments that foster wellbeing and empower the creative professionals to do their work. These are ALSO elegant and sophisticated spaces. They requested workspace and an office plan that is dense so that people can collaborate while also provide real estate efficiencies. Incorporating products like Buzzi Blinds, vertical blinds that provide sound attenuation as well as visual privacy, and Buzzi Hoods, which provide acoustic privacy, will help make the dense work areas productive.

10gen specifically requested reception and café spaces to be integrated, so the ‘buzz’ from employees and game tables greet visitors and immerses them in the company culture immediately. These areas are part of the overall philosophy embracing multi-purpose spaces.

Alongside the intense development work that is taking place, 10gen recognizes the need for relaxation and rejuvenation. TPG responded by presenting a plan that includes a breakout stretch station with a chin up bar to help with fatigue, along with both a snack bar and cafe/pantry. The café is also home to ping pong table (that converts to a conference table when needed) and a pool table. In keeping with the ‘geek chic’ theme, monitors and cameras are located throughout the cafes and play areas of every office, so one can keep connected with other employees at play, at 10gen offices worldwide.

We think this speaks fundamentally to the future of office design.

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