TPG Work Featured in Student Project

Ryerson University Interior Design Students Select Weber Shandwick for Class Project

TPG Marketing Department

Compelling examples of well-designed interior spaces grace the glossy pages of hundreds of magazines every month. Choosing a favorite among them is never easy, but a pair of students from Ryerson University’s School of Interior Design recently faced that challenge for an assignment.

William Reive and Vanessa Hatzioannidis were asked to analyze an interior space featured in a prominent architectural magazine and examine how the basic principles of design converge to make the space work. After exhaustively searching through a preponderance of magazines and featured spaces, TPG’s work for PR firm Weber Shandwick in Chicago emerged as the victor. William and Vanessa saw the project featured in the May 2012 issue of Interiors and Sources and, according to William, they chose the space because “the combination of texture, surfaces, lighting, and colour in the space created an elegant yet modern space, great for the social interaction and business oriented atmosphere that a PR firm should evoke.”

After selecting Weber Shandwick, William reached out to TPG for more information about the project and we were happy to give them a selection of images and floor plans to enhance their presentation.

Best of luck to William and Vanessa on your project! We look forward to seeing the finished product.