Client Close-Up: Technology Start-Up Viggle's Energetic New Office

16,500 Square Foot Office Located at 902 Broadway

TPG Marketing Department

We had the unique and exciting opportunity to move our client, Viggle, into its first proper home. A 16,500 square foot office at 902 Broadway, that is. Viggle, a technology start-up founded by a media entrepreneur, is actually an app for Android and iPhone devices that rewards users for active television watching. Participants get points for “checking in” while they’re watching. It’s innovative, entrepreneurial, dynamic and energetic; qualities Viggle wanted reflected in their new office.

Before inking the real estate deal and hooking up with TPG, Viggle had been squatting (proper start-up style). TPG and Viggle had a mutual friend in contractor Chris Spano of CJS, who put our name forward (thanks Chris!). Upon viewing the existing 1980’s buildout at 902 Broadway, consisting of low ceilings and drywall partitions, it was hard to imagine the transformation that was soon to take place. The first impression was described as “complete darkness.” The building has 5 walls of windows, none of which were visible from reception.

Transformation, indeed. Viggle went to a totally open environment using a benching desk system, providing “a level playing field. Everyone has a window office,” says PR & Social Media Manager, Ali Smolens. Viggle embraced the industrial qualities of the space, revealed during demo, and added warmth through the use of wood, texture and wall coverings. The space feels open, big and bright. User reactions include “amazing!” The nickname “Hotel Viggle” has been tossed around, likely in response to the homey, almost residential feel of the soft seating and picnic style dining table located in an open pantry, smack in the middle of the office.

In the design, TPG provided Viggle with a room for every occasion. “Anyone can name a room,” says Headquarters Director, Gabi Rubin, “Ours have meaning, intention.” There are dry erase walls everywhere, conducive to a start-up workflow. On the flipside, true to their image as a technology and entertainment company, it was mandated that all wires are hidden.

In terms of a program, Viggle elected to plan for the highest number of people allowed and are backing into it. Ms. Rubin reports all aspects of the floor are in use. People eat together, work together and share a “constant brain flow.” We love it too! At TPG we are truly energized by a client like Viggle – a clear mission coupled with the commitment to do good work and have fun. What more could you want in a workplace!?!